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Flurth Skin Care


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The "FLURTH" squad is all about celebrating "BEING YOU".

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India’s 1st AM:PM Lip Care Trio





Lip trio on-the-go

Our 3-in-1 packaging is like having a lip care squad in your pocket making it your trusty side-kick for spontaneous lip emergencies anytime, anywhere!


Lip love, simplified

Our 3 products in 1 packaging saves you time and space. It features an intuitive application, a refillable design, spill-proof construction, secure locking, and a convenient built-in mirror, making it the perfect wingman for your pout!

Customizable lip care

Lip care made fun and flexible! Our 3 products in 1 packaging let you customise your routine with ease. Whether it's hydration, exfoliation, or a touch of colour, pick your lip-loving potion and rock those glossy lips, making it the perfect wingman for your pout!


FLURTH= FLow of yoUR earTH

At our core, it's more than just a name. It's a belief that breathes life into our products and flows through our brand story. Rooted in the ethos of  #Careovercover,  with effortless skin care routines ON THE GO we want every girl to embrace their true selves unapologetically.


Clean Ingredients

Korean Skin Care

Cheers, shout-outs, and virtual high-fives!

I came across Flurth on instagram and ordered my AM and PM lip care. I have to say that this product is helping me keep my lips soft and supple unlike before! I love that the peel is helping me with the lip tan and tinted lip balm is so amazing. My face just glows up with it and I don't look tired at all. The packaging is super trendy and I actually flaunt it and take it every where I go. Love it!

Roop Kaur Keer 

I’ve been using Flurth as part of my AM ritual for close to 20 days now and I’ve not had one day of chapped, dry lips, which is usually the case. So happy with the product, would totally recommend!

Kimberley Pereira