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The common struggle of switching between brands and juggling countless products becomes tedious and frustrating in our fast-paced world. It can be challenging to carry multiple items, compromise on skincare routines, and worry about harmful ingredients. We all yearn for a change—a simpler, more efficient solution that saves time and provides effective and safe skincare.

Inspired by the idea of simplifying skincare routines for busy individuals who don't enjoy wearing makeup but love taking care of their skin, I embarked on a journey to establish a brand that resonates with our fast-paced lives that caters to our "on the go" lifestyle, I aimed to create a skincare line that understands our unique demands and provides effective solutions.

After dedicating over 1.5 years of thorough research and experimentation, Flurth Skincare has proudly crafted a skincare line that embodies three core pillars: clean ingredients, vegan formulations, and convenient packaging. Our commitment to your well-being and the environment drives us to deliver exceptional results while keeping your skin and the planet happy.

Flurth Skincare products are formulated with clean, vegan ingredients. We have meticulously screened our formulations for 1300 harmful chemicals, adhering to strict EU standards. The products are carefully crafted to provide effective skincare without compromising your skin or the well-being of the planet.

The packaging we use is 50% post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR), thus reducing waste and minimising our impact on the environment. Hundreds of prototypes later, we have designed our skincare solutions keeping your convenience at the core, ensuring they fit seamlessly into your daily routine ON THE GO.

Experience the power of Flurth Skincare, where clean ingredients, vegan formulations, and convenience come together to transform your skincare experience while promoting a healthier planet.


FLURTH - the vibrant essence of the 'FLow of yoUR earTH' is more than just a name, it represents a philosophy that empowers every girl to feel confident in her own natural skin and encourages girls to be their true, unaltered selves and accept their beauty #FilterFree." 

By focusing on a simple idea - to make skincare enjoyable and effortless - we believe that it should be a delight, not a chore to take care of your skin.

In order to ensure you feel confident expressing your natural beauty without worry, we've carefully crafted our products with a dash of humour and a whole lot of passion.

We are more than just a skincare brand. We are fluid, celebrating individuality and embracing inclusivity across all roles, faces and voices. We believe in uplifting, amplifying and celebrating everyone. 

Come on in, mix and join the Flurth squad! Click here to know more.

Embrace #CAREOVERCOVER! We're here to support you on your journey of self-care and self-expression with CLEAN, VEGAN, and CONVENIENT skin care.

Neha, Founder